On the weekend of July 27 & 28, 2019, over 1,300 cyclists of 126 teams made the trek from Grand Bend to London Ontario (150 km) to raise money for MS research, programs & services. All riders clearly put their heart and soul into this event, with many riding for family and friends suffering from the MS disease. What is truly incredible is that over $1,300,000 dollars have been raised online for this single event!!

With an event of this magnitude hundreds of volunteers were needed along the way, and at key checkpoints, to make sure the riders were watered, fed, and cared for. At 7:00 AM on day 1, checkpoint one in Ailsa Craig, Ontario comes alive with the Rapid Relief Team of 12 volunteers setting up to feed and hydrate the energetic riders. A large truck began to unload cases of fruit, granola bars, and 32 5-gallon jugs of water. Before long, hundreds of peanut butter and jam sandwiches and bagels were assembled, bananas peeled, watermelons cut, grapes arranged, and oranges sliced.

As the riders rolled in to recharge and refuel, a warm and hearty thanks was received from many. One jolly rider announced, “I made it again – 84 years old!” while another claimed, “I ride for the food!”

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