Diabetes is a disease that is currently affecting 11 million Canadians. For many people, this is a real struggle to deal with every day, so RRT was pleased to be able to assist in helping to find a cure.

On December 30, 2017, the Winnipeg, Woodlands, and Stonewall Rapid Relief Teams worked together to manage a large clothing drive  benefiting The Canadian Diabetes Association.  This organization is set up across Canada to help people with diabetes live healthy lives and try to find a cure for the disease. Gathering around 428.5 lbs of clothing for the Canadian Diabetes Association will go a long way in helping out.

The Clothing Donations

The Canadian Diabetes Association’s reusable goods donation program has been operating since 1985. The Association in turn sells off the clothing and goods to charity shops and uses the money to support world-leading diabetes research, education, programs, services and advocacy (http://www.diabetes.ca).

In addition to helping treat diabetes, the program also has a positive impact on the environment, recycling reusable items and saving space in landfill sites. Each year, the program diverts more than 100 million lbs. of clothing and household items from landfill sites across Canada. This translates into savings of 942 million kWh of energy – equivalent to driving a compact car more than 46,000 times around the globe – and reduces our carbon footprint by 130 million kilograms (http://www.diabetes.ca).

Offloading the clothing


The clothing donations help the Assocation achieve the following:

– Invest $5 million annually in diabetes research

– Send 2,500 youth with type 1 diabetes and family members to attend D-Camps program

– Divert 100 million lbs. of textile and household items from landfills

– Support 11 million Canadians living with diabetes or prediabetes (http://www.diabetes.ca).

In all, it was a successful event and RRT was pleased to be able to do something to support the many people suffering with diabetes in Canada.

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