On Saturday, June 1st, RRT Stonewall had the opportunity to assist the local hospital get much closer to meeting their fundraising target for new medical equipment. Stonewall is a town in Manitoba, Canada, with a population of less than 5,000, so The Stonewall Hospital Staff were grateful when RRT stepped in to support their Fundraising Campaign. The goal was to raise enough funds to purchase two new electric stretchers for their ambulances. The specialized equipment would improve patient comfort, and reduce workplace injuries for those transporting the patients.

RRT hosted a BBQ Fundraiser Event, open to the whole community, serving burgers in effort to raise more funds. With the use of RRT’s Mobile Support Unit, the team was able to grill fresh hot burgers during the event, sending a BBQ Aroma wafting through town and attracting more customers.

Although the meals were free, a large donation box was present at the event! The total cost of the new medical equipment was $45,000, and prior to the RRT event the total funds raised were $36,200. The RRT BBQ Fundraiser generated additional donations of $4,800, with commitments to more donations coming in later the next week!

Countless hours of preparation on the part of the RRT members paid off with an incredible turn out on the day. The word got around town quickly, and RRT served approximately 140 meals in total. Many people visited the event, both from Stonewall itself and neighboring communities to show their support. No one knows when they may be needing the stretcher themselves, so it was great to see the support of everyone getting behind the cause.

The RRT felt the day was a great way of getting involved with the Stonewall community and many people who visited learnt more about who RRT were and where it all came from.


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