July 21, 2017, a beautiful sunny day in London, Ontario… temp 80 F, and the perfect day for a BBQ. It was 9:30 AM when the RRT catering trailer rolled into the parking lot at the London Mission. This is a shelter for 100-200 of homeless persons who rely on society for survival.

Setting Up To Serve A BBQ Meal To London City Mission. 

The RRT Team got to work immediately; setting up a tents and tables, fired up the barbecue’s, prepared lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese slices, buns, and put the water bottles in our large ice tray.

Grilling Hamburgers To Perfection.
Long Waiting Line For Grilled Burgers. 

At 10:45 AM the first burger patties hit the grill and started to sizzle.  The well sought-after aroma filled the air.  The doors of the Mission started to open and the residents flowed out and lined up on the sidewalk.

Serving Meals To Many Hungry Men And Women. 

At 11:30 AM the first 48 burgers were cooked and ready. Two dedicated RRT volunteers were cooking burgers and checking each one for temperate before they were moved onto a tray and kept warm in the warming oven on the trailer.  At 11:45 AM the meal was ready to serve. The tables were ready with burger condiments and the RRT serving team in position.  Lunch was ready for the long line of hungry men and women who had been patiently waiting.

Taking Orders.

The event was a huge success; a total of 175 hamburger meals were served.  By 1:00 PM the entire line was served and all satisfied.  RRT members began to pack up, another “mission accomplished”.   Everyone who received a meal expressed, in their own way, genuine appreciation. The management of the Mission, were amazed at the organization and efficiency of how the event unfolded, extended a warm welcome for RRT to return anytime.

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