The Edmonton Food Bank distributes food to over 22,000 people each month.  Approximately, 40% of these are children under the age of 18.  The food bank relies on donations to make this happen, and on December 10th, they held a donation event with a special twist.

RRT serving Hot Chocolate beside the Food Bank Truck

Every year the Canadian Pacific Railway sends a brightly decorated train across the country, stopping in cities and communities along the way. When people come to see the train, they are encouraged to bring a donation to their local food bank. Since 1999, the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train has raised more than CAD $14.5 million and 4.3 million pounds of food for North American food banks.

Service with a smile

The Train

When the train rolled into Edmonton on the evening of Dec 10th, the Rapid Relief Team had already been hard at work for several hours, working to prepare hot chocolate to serve to anyone coming to make a donation and see the train. The team had only a short time to serve the crowds and had to move quickly to ensure everyone that came past got a cup. With six team members pouring drinks as fast as their hands could move it was less than 2 hours before all 2,000 cups had been served. Next time, the Rapid Relief Team will be sure to take more hot chocolate!

The drinks tent become a brightly lit landmark

As always, the smiling faces and professional conduct left a very positive impression on the folks from the food bank who organized the event. The serving tent was brightly lit in the dark surroundings, and the team even had a portable light tower on site to help illuminate a very dark and slippery parking lot next to the tracks.

Another happy visitor

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