Youth Without Shelter on 6 Warrendale Court in Etobicoke is one of only seven shelters serving the 900 – 2,000 homeless youth in Toronto. Youth Without Shelter relies heavily on donations of food and cooked meals to serve the always hungry 16-24 year-olds that call “Youth Without Shelter” home.

On Saturday August 26, 2017, The Rapid Relief Team from Toronto used one of the RRT purpose-built cooking trailers, to provide a BBQ Experience for the youth at this Shelter. The RRT Volunteers rolled up their sleeves and got to work preparing and serving the Hamburgers (and of course all the necessary toppings), chips, cookies, and fruit for the youth and staff of this amazing facility.

Once the RRT volunteers unloaded all the food, they were in business, chopping lettuce, slicing tomatoes, crying over the onions, slicing the cheese, and setting out the condiments, cookies and chips.

A full-service kitchen complete with walk in fridge and freezer, commercial dishwasher, a HUGE grill and stove, plus all the necessary tools to make great food, made the job much easier for RRT.

Everyone was lined up ready to grab a burger long before dinner was announced, and it wasn’t long before just a few crumbs were the only thing left that would indicate there had been a large quantity of food present. Everyone was full (for the moment!) and happy.

Serving the youths at the shelter

The Youth For Shelter residents and staff greatly appreciated the meal RRT volunteers provided, and asked that they return soon.

RRT Toronto did just that… on December 11, 2017, Rapid Relief Team Volunteers went back to the Youth Without Shelter and provided another BBQ experience using the Shelter’s kitchen.

Toronto RRT volunteers cooking in the Youth Shelter kitchen

RRT prepared the signature RRT Menu of Hamburgers, Chips, Cookies and Fruit, which was heartily accepted by a long line of staff and youth from the Shelter.

Plating the food attractively

Again, RRT appreciated the opportunity to give back to their community, especially during the holiday season, and look forward to future opportunities to support the Youth Without Shelter.

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