Our volunteers have been thanked by Ukrainian churches in Washington State for helping Ukrainian refugees settle in North America.

RRT have been helping refugees of the Ukrainian crisis in Europe since March 2022 after connecting with the Ukrainian community centre in Seattle. RRT have located Ukrainian refuges and helping them to settle into Washington State as the war rages in their homeland, and supplied refugees with immediate support in the form of fastbeds, Comfort Snack Packs, Family Food Boxes, Care Kits and blankets.

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine has spurred the RRT, established by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in 2013, into action in America’s north west, drawing strong praise from the local Ukrainian church community.

Some key testimonials from local representatives:

“The Ukrainian churches in Washington (State) are very thankful to the RRT who are helping the refugees from Ukraine."

“This is a very important way of helping us and helping these individuals in general – global help for all Ukrainians."

“This help is very valued by us."

“And so from all of our churches, the whole community gives you guys at RRT a great thanks."

“We believe that God will help in all these circumstances and may God bless America and bless Ukraine – and your organization too.”

See the video of the RRT in Seattle helping Ukrainian refugees:

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