On October 7, 2017, RRT volunteers from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Served a meal of appreciation to local Fire Fighters in Perth, ON.

Serving the FD Members and Families

Rapid Relief Team volunteers from Perth, Ontario gathered to host a BBQ at Perth Fire Station around 10:30 am. The 12 members of RRT met with the Fire Chief, Trevor and got busy setting up the RRT food trailer, tables and tents, and preparing the meal to be served at the lunch hour.

Grilling the Burgers
Bacon as an added topping

The local Fire fighters, Team, and Their families started to meet at the local fire hall around noon, so at 12:30 the serving began. RRT served approximately 50 meals which consisted of hamburgers, hamburger buns branded with the RRT logo, hot dogs, coleslaw, chips, cookies and hot & cold beverages. Bacon was also offered as an added topping which most people wanted and really enjoyed along with the normal hamburger and hot dog condiments.

Stamping the RRT Logo

This event for the RRT Team lasted around 4 hours creating enough time to set up, serve, pack up and leave. With this being Perth’s First time with the RRT Cooking Trailer, This event proved to be a success.

Assembling the Burgers

The Perth Fire Department team includes 31 volunteer members and their Fire Chief Trevor. They are a very committed team and spend countless hours in training, responding to fire calls, and additional voluntary commitments such as Canada Day fireworks, the Festival of the Maples, Muscular Dystrophy, the Smoke Alarm Program and many other community events.

Enjoying their meal

The BBQ meal was a great way to thank the fire department and show support of all that its members does for our community. The event was very much enjoyed by everyone and the local Rapid Relief Team look forward to the assisting them in the near future.

The Perth Rapid Relief Team

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