On September 6, 2017, the Hamilton RRT cooked and served a BBQ lunch for residence of the Men’s Shelter in downtown Hamilton.  This was an exciting event as the RRT cooking trailer was able to be utilized and this was the first time many of the volunteers had been at an event with the trailer.

Cooking hamburgers from the RRT trailer
Hungry men waiting in line for lunch

The Men’s Shelter is run by Mission Services of Hamilton, an organization that looks after less fortunate homeless people, and the Hamilton. RRT wanted to take this opportunity to help out the men at the shelter by serving them a wonderful barbecued meal of hamburgers.

Hamilton RRT volunteers grilling burgers for the Men’s shelter BBQ lunch

The RRT volunteers started arriving around 10:00-am and set to work organizing and setting up the trailer, barbecues, tents and tables.  It was thrilling, discovering all the features and functions of the RRT trailer.  Once set up, the barbecues were fired up and the volunteers started grilling the hamburger patties.

Around 100 meals were served

The meal was ready to be served at noon and by this time, a line of hungry men was already forming in anticipation of the great meal.

Serving the hamburgers to the hungry

RRT volunteers placed the toppings and condiments on each person’s hamburger as they selected which toppings they wanted.  Each person was also offered coleslaw, a cookie, a bag of chips and pop or water.

Many came back for seconds and thirds

Many of the men have enormous appetites and they enjoyed the meal so much they came back for seconds or thirds so approximately 100 meals were served.

As always, the RRT volunteers were very willing to help people in need, and as the Volunteer Program Manager wrote: “we really appreciate all the care and compassion that you showed to our clients”.  The barbecued lunch was a very welcome change for the residence of the shelter and many thanked the RRT for their work and commented on how delicious the meal was.  The kitchen staff at the shelter were very thankful for the break from the rigorous task of preparing another lunch meal for so many men.”

Thank you letter from Volunteer Program Manager

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