The joyful spirit of giving was in full force during the holiday season in Cambridge, Ontario.  The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) from Galt organized a local clothing drive, and within a week and a half had received over 17 bags of donated clothing! On Friday the 29th of December, just 4 days after Christmas, RRT was able to donate over 340 pounds of clothing to Diabetes Canada.

Donations – Piled high

There are 11 million Canadians living with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes, and every 3 minutes another Canadian is diagnosed.  ‘End Diabetes Now’ is the overriding goal of Diabetes Canada, and the clothing donations provided by RRT and similar organizations help with the much-needed funding required to help achieve this worthwhile goal!   Through the Canadian Diabetes Clothesline program approximately $5 million is invested in research, education, advocacy, and provide the funding for a program where youths with Type 1 diabetes are sent with their families to D-camps.  These D-camp experiences allow children to connect with friends living with Type 1 diabetes and develop the life skills needed to cope with this disease in a fun and interactive way.

One of the vehicles used for delivery

In the thank you letter received by RRT from Diabetes Canada, clerk Steve Reid says “It is with the generous donations supplied by organizations like yours that puts us closer than we have ever been before to understanding diabetes.  So, thank you again for your generous contribution to this cause and playing your part in the lives of thousands of Canadians who depend on your support.”

Participating Volunteer

Please join in and remember… Your support today can help find a cure and End Diabetes Now.   An amazing fact about the Clothesline program is that it diverts around 100 million pounds of clothing, household items, and electronics that would otherwise end up in landfills across this nation.

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