On the 14th of November, RRT descended upon the Open Door Mission with a handful of willing volunteers to serve a hot meal to the homeless. With the use of the concession trailer, we were able to promptly serve about 120 meals in a small amount of time.

Cooking outside the Open Door Mission

The Open Door Mission is a non-profit Christian organization that restores hope to the homeless men, women, and children in the Rochester, New York, area and provides the assistance needed to change the lives of the less fortunate that come to the facility for rescue.  Each person that comes to this mission is welcomed with open arms and is treated with respect and dignity.

Preparing food in the mission’s kitchen

The facility provides food, emergency housing, meals, Spiritual support and a mobile medical unit.  At this time, there is a 40-bed facility for homeless men, and this year there is a women and children residence that is scheduled for completion.  This new residence that is being established will also provide a family program that helps family members learn to communicate with one another and strengthen relationships.

Plating meals for the homeless

Another program that this mission offers is called “Code Blue”.  This program offers help and protection to those in need when the temperatures drop below 20°F.


RRT volunteers serving

It was a rewarding experience, and the appreciation of those being served was evident on their faces! It was commented by a staff member at the facility that never before had they been served to that extent!

Serving the Mission’s guests

The Volunteers then worked hard to clean up the kitchen and the trailer, and hugs of appreciation were given out as the night wrapped up.

The Open Door Mission welcome sign 

Thank you note from the Mission





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