On 17th May 2019, the NZ Police Force in Feilding hosted a street party in the square of the country township of Feilding. This was to celebrate and promote Bully Free Week, which ended with mental health’s Pink Shirt Day. The Rapid Relief Team was asked to help by providing a sausage sizzle from 3.30pm till 6pm which proved very popular! There was around 1500 people attending the event and the volunteers from RRT cooked approx. 1250 sausages and used over 70 loaves of bread. There was visible glee from the children and adults alike enjoying the friendly event.


RRT also provided milo, tea and coffee to warm up the attendants. The strategic¬†manager from Feilding District Promotion said, “It was freezing cold towards the end and so the Rapid Relief Team helped our people who were all down there, our community, feel warm and happy and we had a really really great time.”

Dave from the Feilding police commented, “A really professional outfit,always smiling always happy to help everybody out… it was a great help to us”.

RRT was glad to support and hopes they can get behind Bully Free Week again next year.

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