Omaha’s RRT volunteered in helping with the 25th annual Tour de Cure Event this year.  The Tour de Cure event is the premier cycling fundraising event of the American Diabetes Association and the nation’s largest diabetes cycling event. This event is a unique opportunity for businesses, clubs, friends and families to come together to form teams with the vision of a life free of diabetes and all its burdens.

The bikers gathering at the start line.

Saturday morning, June 18th, dawned rainy and cool in Omaha – a change from the scorching week preceding the Tour de Cure.  RRT began the day just after 6am, loaning their tents to the American Diabetes Association for registration and check-in.  The ten RRT volunteers helped with traffic flow, setting up signs and many other tasks from handing out t-shirts to cheering wildly at the finish line.  Not to mention rescuing a tent which got swept away by a gust of wind!

RRT Volunteers setting up the tents.

As the day progressed, the sun appeared, bringing with it sweltering heat which resulted in a few new challenges and jobs.  RRT loaned extension cords and expertise for setting up mister fans to help the event attendees stay cool.  Of course, there was a need for water amongst the onlookers, as well as the returning riders.

Assisting with tearing down the event.

Towards the end of the event, RRT dug into helping with tear-down and cleaning up. This involved collapsing tents, resurrecting leftover food and collecting signage. The American Diabetes Association members were pleased with the RRT’s eagerness to assist. 

The RRT members from Omaha.

An email after the event from Kayla Zebrowski, Development & Stewardship Manager for the American Diabetes Association stated:  “I cannot THANK YOU and your team enough! Your group is truly inspirational with your work ethic and ability to help those in need. You really know events, and I know we could not have had a smooth event if it were not for your group. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

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