The spring sun broke through the early mist as the clean up got under way in Moorland on Saturday 8th March and 20 volunteers from the RRT arrived to help the Environment Agency and Sedgemoor Council start moving sandbags from the properties that had suffered from severe flooding for several weeks.

Meeting in the car park of the flood damaged Village Hall, the volunteers were split into working groups and assigned to various locations in the Village. At the same time a refreshment tent was set up in the car park to provide food and drinks for all those working in the village and for the residents who had returned to begin the harrowing task of dealing with their devastated homes.

Under the leadership of Adrian Chard from the Environment Agency the teams very quickly made good progress in moving contaminated sandbags out of properties and onto waiting tipping lorries to be taken away for disposal and licensed chainsaw operatives began removing fallen trees to allow residents access to their front doors.

The refreshment tent remained busy all day serving refreshments to Agencies, Volunteers and even the local MP Ian Liddell – Grainger stopped for a coffee during the afternoon.

By late afternoon thousands of sandbags had been removed and thanks to the hardwork of all involved, the work planned for the next day was also done.

Clearing sandbags

Everyone left with a sense of achievement but knowing that months of hard work for the residents was just beginning.

It was humbling to see the fortitude of many residents after all the damage that had been caused by the water.  However, there was a feeling of gratitude with all those we came in contact with for the tireless efforts that had gone in to try and protect their properties.

Our work is clearly not finished yet.

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