Saturday morning on the 5th of December 2015 dawned with an inspiring new look in the park of Paparoa. A bright and fresh looking tent has appeared from out of a trendy looking trailer. Uniform-clad people are bustling about, setting up a BBQ and tables in an organized fashion. The RRT brand looks intriguing and worthy of a quick google to find out what they’re about.

Rapid Relief Team set up in Paparoa, fundraising for the local Fire Force

Very informative, interesting website and impressive looking organization covering a wide range of charitable support. The Plymouth Brethren Rapid Relief Team look to be a very much needed breath of fresh air and help in communities in times of need and for those in need.  Fundraising for the Paparoa Fire Force is what it’s about this time which is a good cause for a local Fire Force that receives very little funding for day to day needs. It sure has brightened up the look of the Saturday morning market.

RRT offers a well presented, well rounded, appetizing menu!

The menu is very tasty looking gourmet burgers, complete with streaky bacon, giving them a taste that has people coming back to pay compliments and buy an irresistible second. A free RRT branded water bottle comes with the deal and options of Sprite or Coke with the good old sausage sizzle and onion, makes this a very well presented, well-rounded, appetizing menu.

Another interesting look to the fundraising menu is the home-made Italiano HotChili Sauces and Preserves. They are being sold by a man in a wheel-chair, who seems to have come by his Italian skills quite honestly – Mr. Paul Boakes! He was rescued from inside a tank with carbon monoxide poisoning a while back, in the nick of time by this very Fire Force, and is looking pleased to be able to support them in return. The sauces seem to have some kick because after free sampling on crackers, most people head quickly along to the drinks section looking for some ‘rapid relief’!

Energetic team of volunteers, preparing the food

The Fire Truck is parked up with lights flashing and firemen looking pleased with the support and taste of the burgers. Support from this happy, buoyant crew with food this good is going to be a well-earned treat and inspiration going forward. In fact the firemen are so enthralled they’ve overlooked the fact that the flashing lights are draining the battery of the fire truck and as the Saturday Market comes to a close, it is hitched up and towed home completely dead!

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