On Saturday, 4th June 2016, the Düsseldorf RRT-Team provided support for the PSD Bank Rett Charity Day. The Rett-Syndrome was first discovered in 1966 by the Viennese Professor Andreas Rett and is currently incurable. In Germany there are an estimated three thousand cases with approximately 50 new cases added every year.

To raise money for the research and treatment of this condition, Rett charity days are being organised, with celebrities from all over Germany taking part.

During this event the Rett celebrity “dream team” played a football game against the traditional eleven of the Fortuna Düsseldorf club to raise money and RRT-Düsseldorf was asked to provide practical support.

The RRT team helped in the morning with the setting up of marquees as well coordinating parking. It also provided supervision for the children enjoying the bouncy castle. Additionally, the RRT-team helped with crowd control during the football game on the side-lines and in the viewing stands. At the end of a very successful day, the whole RRT-Team gave a hand in packing up the equipment.

To top it all, the Lord Mayor of Düsseldorf, Thomas Geisel, appeared with his wife at the event which provided an excellent opportunity to acquaint him with RRT and its activities.

Kenneth Nitsche, team leader of the RRT-Düsseldorf, reported:

“For all of us it was a very special experience to meet so many friendly and happy parents with their children with disabilities, and to get to talk to them. We received a lot of praise from the organizers, the parents of the RETT children, the visitors as well as the sport professionals for our RRT-work. We hope that we will be able to support such fundraising events also in the future.”

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