On the 16th December 2015, Westmead Children’s Hospital hosted a BBQ Luncheon for all its staff members as a token of appreciation for their dedication and service to our society and to mark the conclusion of another successful year at the hospital.

These dedicated and caring team of professionals attend tirelessly to the children of our community, our friends and even our own families. We are indebted to their services and care, and any opportunity to show some small appreciation in return was warmly taken up by the volunteer team from RRT.

Despite some thunder clouds and extreme weather conditions on the day, which required the Team to relocate the entire BBQ cooking and serving area that had been set up minutes before the hungry staff started arriving, a sizzling BBQ Luncheon was served up to some 1100 members of the Westmead Children’s Hospital.

These included staff from every station in the hospital – surgeons in operating gowns, doctors and nurses, security personnel and also the CEO of the hospital. He inspired us all by personally speaking to each volunteer and thanking them for their services. A sure sign of excellent management and a well-run organisation.

The day was enjoyed by all – hospital staff and RRT volunteers alike, and we look forward to the next event and opportunity to do it all again.

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