How would you feel if you had no future, no goals to work towards, and no opportunities to change the status quo? Every job you applied for was refused and you were knocked back?

Thousands of people suffer this experience day after day. However, Orana provides a service to help the disabled people, provide them with lifestyle opportunities and fulfil dreams to be a valued and productive community member.

Orana is an organization designed to assist people with disabilities in employment opportunities and the ability to live a lifestyle of their choice. They currently provide accommodation services for approx. 130 people throughout South Australia, and employment, accommodation and respite services to over 650 South Australians.

Orana held an event at the Royal Adelaide Golf Club

Each year, Orana hosts an event at the Royal Adelaide Golf Club, and the money received from the event goes towards the future of disabled persons.

On the 16th of October, the Rapid Relief Team helped Orana out with this event once again, and cooked a breakfast for all the attendees that were present.

Bacon & Egg Rolls

The Adelaide RRT team arrived at the golf at 6am and donated bacon and egg rolls for breakfast for the group of around 100 golfers. The golfers enjoyed a jovial show from an English Golf Trixster, going onto play 18 challenging holes where 3 hole-in-one prizes were given to keep the teams motivated and focused. Orana finished off the day with a well-received lunch.

RRT serving up an early breakfast


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